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Source Family Chiropractic Reviews


See How We Helped Others

At Source Family Chiropractic, we believe in the power of personalized chiropractic care. We’re thrilled to hear from patients who’ve experienced positive results through our tailored treatment plans. Read our testimonials below to see how chiropractic care has helped others.

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Whole Family Transformation

Source Family Chiropractic does a great job ensuring that our family’s total health needs are met. We have been patients at Source Family for almost two years. Both my wife and I have experienced transformation of our bodies from better sleep, more comfort, to improved posture (imaging as proof), and even sinus pressure relief almost immediately upon our visits. We also have brought our 8 month old to Source Family for care since she was born. She is extremely healthy, functioning well, and sleeps through the night; this has been attributed to parent directed feeding, prayer, and other personal choices in combination with chiropractic care. Everyone who works here is extremely professional and hospitable. It feels like a family that cares about you every time you walk in. I strongly recommend their services.

-Mack R.

Part of the Family

I can’t recommend them enough. My whole family goes to them. I just love how Dr. Alex and Dr. Josh makes you part of their family. Also Kristen and Natasha are great people; they schedule appointments and always make you feel like you are part for their family as well. Going to the office makes me feel like I am going home. They answer all my questions and address my chiropractic needs.

-Harisiddhi P.

Shockwave Therapy

I recently experienced the remarkable Shockwave Therapy at Source Family Chiropractic, and it exceeded all expectations. Suffering from chronic shoulder issues, including dislocations and arthritis, I was skeptical about finding relief. However, after just one session, I’m astounded by the results.The procedure itself was swift, lasting only about 10 minutes, and entirely painless. The chiropractic team provided clear explanations, both before and after the therapy, ensuring I was fully informed and comfortable throughout.The impact was immediate and profound. I now have greater mobility in my shoulder than ever before, and I can finally sleep without discomfort—a significant improvement considering the constant struggle with shoulder lock.I wholeheartedly endorse Source Family Chiropractic’s Shockwave Therapy to anyone seeking effective pain relief and enhanced healing. This experience has earned them my highest rating of five stars, and I urge others to benefit from their expertise and care.

-Neil S.

Positive and Peaceful

Everyone is super friendly and kind. The docs are both very knowledgeable and we (mom and 2 kids) have felt safe and at ease with the treatment. We had an accident a few weeks back and the experience with Source Chiropractic has been the one positive and peaceful thing out of the whole process. We are so grateful!

-Natalia S.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Everyone in the office is super friendly and knowledgeable. Tasha is so kind and really makes us feel like family. I’ve been getting adjusted by both dr Josh and dr Alex for over two years and it’s changed my life. I was in so much pain before. Dr Josh treated me though my pregnancy and make pregnancy and labor so much more comfortable, they even have special pregnancy pillows to use while they adjust you face down. My son got his first adjustment at 2 weeks old and it helped me to keep breastfeeding because he wasn’t latching well at the beginning. I took him again at 6 weeks because he would only nurse on one side. Dr Josh adjusted him and I never had another issue breastfeeding. I appreciate you all!

-Amy A.

No Long Wait

Source Family Chiropractic is amazing! Both Dr. Josh and Dr. Alex are great and Tasha is so friendly. I have been to several chiropractors and when we moved here in 2016, I was so thankful that I found them and have been going ever since. I have never felt so good for so long before. I was living in pain for so long and thankful to be pain free. I never usually have to wait very long, I am in and out and I love that. It is also a family friendly office and a space for kids if needed. They are so flexible with scheduling and work well to get you in when you need it.

-Jill S.

Pediatric Care Is An Awesome Discovery

We love it here. Let me first off preface this by the fact that I was very skeptical of Chiropractors and above all taking my 16 month old son to one. We had been do almost every doctor in the book almost daily for my son because he had been sick for3 months straight. We posted out frustration online and a friend of my wife told us about Dr Josh and her experience with her son. So My wife and I were ready to try anything.

My gosh, We got there, Dr Josh did the adjustment and almost instantly we saw a change in my son. He felt better than he did in months and he was playing and smiling. Something we hadn’t seen in so long.

We have continued his treatment with Dr Josh, and Milo has been good ever since. As a matter of fact, we missed an appointment because we had to take him to his Pediatrician and we noticed a difference. In Addition to Dr Josh, Dr Alex and Tasha have welcomed us with open arms and treated us like family from the beginning. We drive an hour and a half for Milo’s treatment and it is worth it. You can’t go wrong. If you were skeptical like I was, at least give it a try, Pediatric Chiropractic Care is an awesome discovery.

-Jamey C.

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